Dear classmates,

I personally wish to thank all of you who attended the 50th reunion for the Weymouth High School Class of 1961.  Rumor has it that a good time was had by all.  I also wish to express my appreciation to my fellow members of the Reunion Committee whose diligence in "getting it right" was the reason for such an outstanding event.  Thank-you Carmen Hendrick, Kathy Sullivan and Gerry Hollander for the colorful (maroon & gold) decorations, requisitioning for gift certificates and prizes, making centerpieces and for greeting guests at the sign-in tables.  Thank-you Jim Cicchese for being our treasurer supreme and keeping such meticulous records.  Thank-you Bill Emanuello for minding the class website and keeping everything in order.  Thank-you Charlie Cardillo for making the music discs and for being our chief go-to trivia expert.  Thank-you Brian Dunbar for getting the refreshments and setting-up the hospitality suite and attending to all of the details.  Thank-you Bud Cheverie for helping to make the hotel arrangements and bartering for a break in the room rates.  One of the most daunting tasks when planning a reunion is trying to locate the current whereabouts of classmates every five years.  All of the committee members are always looking for information which may be helpful when planning future events.  The internet and, more specifically, the class website were a tremendous help in receiving and dispersing information this time around.  While on the subject, I must also pay tribute to Mary Ann McLean (WHS-1960) who volunteered to help us search for missing classmates.  She found quite a few, but not all were receptive to attending.  Thank-you Mary Ann for your dogged determination.  No wonder you received the Nancy Drew Award from your class last year.  Our class website will remain on line with hopes that classmates will use it to offer insight, make suggestions and/or to keep us up to date with changes in names and locations etc. The committee always expends a great deal of time and effort to insure that all needs are met and that we receive maximum value for the price of admission, but none of our reunions would be successful without YOU.  It is most assuredly the classmates, the personalities and the enduring friendships that are the key ingredients for making such an event truly unique.  For those of you who may read this, but were unable to attend the festivities due to the impending presence of "Irene" or for some other reason, please know that you were especially missed.  The venue, the hospitality suite, the food, the music and the surprise performance of the "King" himself (aka Art Murphy) all received high praise and favorable comments which made all of the planning and effort worthwhile.  Fr. Don Milligan was outstanding with his poignant reading of his personal recollection of what it was like growing up in Weymouth during our era.  I believe that those who hailed from North Weymouth probably got the most out of it…….in more ways than one.  Also, the reading of the names of our beloved classmates who are now deceased was a sobering moment which served to remind us all who were present just how very fortunate we all were to be together again in that room on that night.  We have taken many different paths in our lives and have witnessed much during the past fifty years (I still can't believe it) but, through it all, our friendships have withstood the test of time and, in many instances, have become even stronger. We are all extremely blessed to have such good friends and to be able to savor so many fond memories from our youth. Cherish what we have and never take it lightly.  It is all very special and yet can be very tenuous as well.  Again, thank-you all for your presence and your contribution in making the night of August 27, 2011 a very memorable night indeed.

Wishing you all the very best that life has to offer and hoping to see you all again as well as others at the next reunion.


Mike Grable

Committee Members:



Please forgive me for my feeble "Irene Storm" joke attempt. As I explained, I left my notes at home and when I got to the podium my mind was a total blank. I had nothing!!! At least I can now cross off being a stand-up comic from my bucket list.